Top 15 Places in Uttarakhand to Visit

Rishikesh - Meditate And Relax

Rishikesh Uttarakhand
  • 24*7 Best Season: Apr to Sept
  • No Entry Fee
  • River Rafting, Yoga, Meditation, Camping, Trekking, Rappelling
Nearby Places:
  • At Rishikesh the favourite destination is river rafting Shivpuri or camping in Shivpuri.
  • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.
  • Triveni Ghat: For Framing The Aarti.
  • Neer Garh Waterfall: A Perfect Trekking Getaway.
  • Kaudiyala: For A Rafting Spree.

Rishikesh, a most peaceful spot in northern Uttarakhand, encompassed by slopes and separated by the wide and drowsy Ganges, is frequently guaranteed as the 'Yoga Capital of the World'. Thinking back to the 1960s Rishikesh picked up moment popularity as the site where The Beatles came to remain with their master, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is a fantastic spot to think and study yoga. Rishikesh is likewise a decent beginning Laxman Jhula point for journeys to Himalayan journey places, for example, Badrinath, Kedarnath , Gangotri, Yamnotri.It is appropriately called the doorway to the Himalayan Shrines of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. 7 Story Temple Situated 24 km upstream from Haridwar, at the conversion of the Chandrabhaga and Ganga.

Rishikesh has for some time been an otherworldly focus. It is said that the sage Raibhya Rishi did serious atonement here and as a prize, God appeared to him as Hrishikesh, subsequently the name. Rishikesh has various ashrams, some of which are universally perceived as focuses of philosophical investigations, yoga and contemplation. A worldwide yoga week is coordinated here consistently by Uttarakhand Tourism somewhere in the range of second and seventh of February. For the daring, there are open doors for wilderness boating on the Ganga. The atmosphere here is mainland type yet its area in the foot slopes gives it a lovely climate consistently. One can visit Rishikesh any season.

Nainital - The City of Stunning Lakes in India

Nainital Kumaon Himalayan
  • 24*7 Best Season: March to June
  • No Entry Fee - 160 for half round for Row boat
  • Handcraft, Rivers, Lakes, Sight-seeing, Photo Fanatics, Fun Lovers, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • 7 lakes in & around Nainital:- Sattal Lake, Sariyatal, KhurpaTal Lake, Naukuchiatal Lake, Bhimtal Lake, KamalTal & Garud Tal.
  • Ramgarh the village of Ramgarh offers an immaculate sight of the Himalayan mountains and sunset.
  • Village of Ranikhet is mainly famous among the travelers not only due to its natural charm but for also housing numerous historical temples.

Wrapped in a thick foil of nature, highlighted by the aroma of the blooming blooms mixing supernaturally in the fresh outside air, Nainital is genuinely the mother lode of Kumaon. It is among the most visited slope stations of North India since British period.

Roosted at a rise of 2,084 meters above ocean level, the sparkling city of Nainital is hailed for being a parent to the bewitching Naini Lake from which it has acquired the appellation of being the lake city. Nainital isn't just a renowned traveler objective but on the other hand is known for its lofty instructive foundations and schools which have remained since British period.

The Nainital town draws the homegrown explorers and vacationers as well as various unfamiliar sightseers. It sparkles as a sparkling gem in the Himalayan Mountains and is encircled with lakes and nature's abundance.

Mussoorie - Revitalizing Walk

Mussoorie Dehradun
  • All days of the week 24*7
  • ₹18 Company Garden + ₹75 for Boating
  • One of the top Hill Stations, Mall Road, Photo Fanatics, Fun Lovers, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Company Garden / 1.2km
  • Gun Hill / 1.5km
  • Camel Back Road / 2.1km
  • Soham Heritage Art Centre / 4.5km
  • Sir George Everest House / 5.4km
  • Clouds End / 6.8km
  • Lal Tibba / 8.5km
  • Bhatta Falls / 10.5km
  • Kempty Falls / 14.3km

Mussoorie, the sovereign of slope stations, is renowned for its picturesque magnificence, great public activity and diversion. The brilliant atmosphere makes it an appealing occasion resort. Swarmed by holidayers, it vibrates with mirth and cheerful making throughout the late spring season. There are no lofty slopes and the more courageous can attempt pleasant trips to different excellence spots in the region. Mussoorie manages the cost of brilliant perspectives on the powers Himalayan pinnacles. Kempty falls which are around 11 kms. from the town draw in many individuals consistently. The Bhatta falls are likewise acclaimed for grand excellence. In spite of the fact that the vacationer here is more modest than that of Kempty yet it is a cookout spot close to the town. One more spot of interest in the town is Depot Hill, famously known as 'Lal Tibba'. It is the most noteworthy point in Mussoorie and delightful Himalayan scene is noticeable on all crisp mornings from this spot. The Badrinath, Kedarnath, Bandar-poonch, Sri Kantha and Nanda Devi pinnacles can be seen from here. Camel's back slope can be reached by electric trolly. The top orders an excellent view both of the slopes just as the valley. On sunny mornings, one can see even the Ganga and the Yamuna from here. Mussoorie is very much associated by streets with Dehra Dun, Delhi, Roorkee and Saharanpur. There are some acceptable inns, diversion clubs and cafés to oblige the requirements of the vacationer.

Auli - For Adventure Enthusiasts

Auli Chamoli
  • Best Season: March to November
  • ₹400 per person
  • Snowy Slopes, Nature Lovers, Photo Fanatics, Fun Lovers, Wanderers, Meadows, Adventure Activities, Romantic Vistas, Cable Cars and much more.
Nearby Places:
  • Auli artificial lake
  • Gorson Bugyal
  • Chattrakund
  • Trishul peak
  • Chenab Lake
  • Joshimath
  • Rudraprayag
  • Auli Ropeway
  • Camping in Auli
  • Camping in Auli
  • Narsingh temple
  • Badri Kedar Festival
  • Bhavisha Kedar
  • Hanuman Ghat
  • Nanda Devi National Park

Dabbed with the apple plantations, old oaks, and pine trees there is no deficiency of characteristic magnificence in Auli. Aside from skiing you can likewise go for various journeys in the slopes of Garhwal Himalayas and appreciate the entrancing perspectives on the snow-hung mountains. Auli is a mainstream slope resort in the Himalayan reach going back to the eighth Century AD. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited (GMVL) runs a ski resort and a ski rental shop.

Auli is a well known skiing objective in India in light of its sparkling slants and clean climate. Spotted with apple plantations, oaks and deodars, Auli is a well known slope town with various ski resorts arranged in the midst of the Himalayan reach. Situated at 2800 meters above ocean levels, it is home to mountain scopes of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet. Numerous strict objections are likewise spread around Auli. It is accepted that Shankracharya had favored Auli with his visit.

Kausani - Impeccable Beauty

Bandra-Worli Sea Link
  • Best Season: Apr - Jun, Sep - Nov
  • No Entry Fee
  • Short Stay, Photo Fanatics, Fun Lovers, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Anasakti Ashram
  • Rudradhari Falls
  • Kausani Tea Estate
  • Kausani Planetarium
  • Sumitranandan Pant Gallery
  • Lakshmi Ashram
  • Baijnath Temple
  • Dandeshwar Temple
  • Rudrahari Mahadev Temple
  • Pinnath
  • Stargate Observatory
  • Someshwar

Blue-green mountains, spotted with day off; fogs and the waiting aroma of pine; dim, transcending deodars and shaggy bushes of green tea; delicious pear plantations and spreads of rainbow blossoms; moving slants covered with velvet grass; streets that breeze endlessly; little villages roosted on the slope, quiet and beguiling and two sputtering streams Gomti and Kosi that chime in as they stream - this is Kausani.

At Kausani, a slope station roosted on a restricted edge on Pingnath Peak, 1890 meters above ocean level, nature is at its inebriating best. Wild, yet tame when you know it better; excellent, yet perilous, on the off chance that you're not cautious. No big surprise, it has arisen as quite possibly the most cherished vacationer locations in India. Kausani is additionally acclaimed for being the origination of the writer laureate Sumitranandan Pant.

Badrinath - Religious Expedition

Badrinath Chamoli
  • Best Season: End of April and the beginning of November
  • No Entry Fee
  • Religious, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics
Nearby Places:
  • Pandukeshwar
  • Yogdhyan Badri Temple
  • Mana Village
  • Tapta Kund Badrinath
  • Neelkantha Peak
  • Charan Paduka
  • Mata Murti Temple
  • Narad Kund
  • Bheem Pul
  • Ganesha Cave
  • Brahma Kapal
  • Sheshnetra
  • Vyas Cave
  • Panch Dhara and Panch Shila
  • Satopanth Trek
  • Vasudhara Falls
  • Alkapuri Glacier
  • Saraswati River
  • Surya Kund Badrinath

Located between the two mountains Nar and Narayan, Badrinath Dham is a majestic sight as well as the the most important of all the Char Dhams. Lakhs of tourist come every year to this sacred Badrinath town to seek blessings and to get a glimpse of the famous temple of Shri Badrinathji.

Badrinath is the only Shrine which is part of both Chota Char Dham and India Char Dham. Badrinath is one among four pilgrimage centres in four corners of India. Among them were Badrikashram (Badrinath Temple) in the North, Rameshwaram in South, Dwarkapuri in west and Jagannathpuri in east.

Kedarnath - Dedicated to The Loard Shiva

Kedarnath Uttarakhand
  • Best Season: May to June and September to October
  • No Entry Fee
  • Religious, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics
Nearby Places:
  • Gandhi Sarovar
  • Phata
  • Sonprayag
  • Gaurikund Temple
  • Gaurikund
  • Vasuki Tal Lake
  • Shankaracharya Samadhi
  • Kedarnath Helipad
  • Triyuginarayan Temple
  • Bhairav Temple
  • Kedarnath Temple
  • Rudra Cave Kedarnath

Kedarnath is antiquated and radiant sanctuary is situated in the Rudra Himalaya range, is over 1,000 years of age, worked of monstrous stone chunks over an enormous rectangular stage. Rising through the huge dim advances prompting the heavenly sanctums we discover engravings in Pali on the means. The current sanctuary was worked by Adi Shankaracharya. The inward dividers of the sanctuary sanctum are embellished with figures of different divinities and scenes from folklore. As per legends, the Pandavas looked for the gifts of master Shiva to offer reparations their transgression after the clash of Mahabharata. Master Shiva evaded them over and over and keeping in mind that escaping took asylum at Kedarnath as a bull. On being followed, he plunged into ground abandoning his protuberance on a superficial level. Outside the sanctuary entryway a huge sculpture of the Nandi Bull remains as gatekeeper.. It is right now, that the entryways of the sanctuary are opened up to explorers, who rush from all pieces of India, for a heavenly journey.

Kedarnath is among the holiest journeys for the passionate Hindu. It is set in the midst of the shocking mountainscape of the Garhwal Himalayas at the top of the Mandakini River. Kedar is another name of master Shiva, the defender and the destroyer. The altar of Kedarnath is grandly positioned, and is encircled by grandiose, day off covered mountains, and during summer lush glades covering the valleys. Quickly behind the sanctuary, is the high Keadardome top, which can be located from significant stretches. Seeing the sanctuary and the top with its never-ending snows is basically enchanting.

Gangotri – Ganga’s Home

Gangotri Uttarkashi
  • Best Season: April to November
  • No Entry Fee
  • Religious, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics
Nearby Places:
  • Dharali
  • Kalindi Khal Trek
  • Maneri
  • Gangotri National Park
  • Gaumukh
  • Jalamagna Shivling
  • Kedar Lake
  • Harsil
  • Dodi Tal
  • Auden’s Col
  • Dayara Bugyal
  • Kedartal Patangini Pass Trek
  • Tapovan
  • Uttarkashi
  • Vishwanath Temple
  • Surya Kund

Gangotri is a modest community revolved around the sanctuary of Gangotri sanctuary and is one of the heavenly places among the four Char Dhams. It is the most elevated and the main sanctuary of waterway Ganga which is venerated as a Goddess in India.

The root of the blessed waterway is at Gaumukh, set in the Gangotri ice sheet that can be gotten to by a short 19 km journey from Gangotri. In any case, as per Hindu folklore, Gangotri is where stream Ganga plunged from paradise when Lord Shiva delivered the powerful waterway from his delicious locks.

Dhanaulti - Lush Green Meadow

Surkanda Devi Kaddukhal Dhanaulti
  • Best Season: April to November
  • ₹15 Dhanaulti Eco Park
  • Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Dhanaulti Eco Park
  • Surkanda Devi Temple
  • Kanatal
  • Kaudia Forest
  • Deogarh Fort

Dhanaulti, situated in the midst of thick, virgin backwoods of Deodar, Rhododendron and Oak, has an air of amazing harmony and peacefulness. The long lush inclines, loosened up outside, cool intersection breeze, warm and affable occupants, stunning climate and impressive perspective on snow covered mountain makes it an ideal retreat for a casual occasion. Arranged on the Mussoorie-Chamba course, Dhanaulti is 24 kms. From Mussoorie and 29 Kms. From Chamba. For convenience, Tourist Rest House, Forest Rest House and a few visitor houses are accessible.

Rudraprayag - Impeccable Beauty

Rudraprayag Uttarakhand
  • Best Season: March to October
  • No Entry Fee
  • Adventure Sports and Activities, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics
Nearby Places:
  • Rudraprayag Temple
  • Augustmuni Temple
  • Koteshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Deoria Tal
  • Joshimath

Rudraprayag District was set up on sixteenth September 1997. The locale was cut out from the accompanying regions of three bordering regions.

Entire of Augustmuni and Ukhimath square and part of Pokhri and Karnprayag block from Chamoli District.

Some portion of Jakholi and Kirtinagar block from Tehri District.

A piece of Khirsu block from Pauri District.

Ranikhet - Calming View

Ranikhet Uttarakhand
  • Best Season: March - june, Sep - Nov.
  • No Entry Fee
  • Golf Courses, Nature Lover, Photo Fanatics, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Chaubatia Gardens
  • Haidakhan Temple
  • Jhula Devi Temple
  • Upat Golf Course
  • Majkhali
  • Mankameshwar Temple
  • Tarikhet Village
  • Dwarahat
  • Dunagiri Temple
  • Ashiyana Park
  • Ram Mandir Ranikhet
  • Upat Kalika Temple

Ranikhet is a spot related with the legends of Himalayas. Authentic records disclose to us the Queen Padmini of Kumaon was charmed by this little slope heaven. Ruler Sudhardev obliged her, by building a royal residence here for the sovereign and named the spot Ranikhet (the sovereign's fields).

No hint of the castle can be discovered today, yet the spot continued as before: charming, overflowing with blossoms, trees and green glades amidst great Himalayan environmental factors. Lost into obscurity for long, the beautiful slope station was rediscovered by the British. They purchased the land from the local residents and incorporate it into a late spring resort separated from setting up a military enrollment community. Ranikhet actually remains the head quarters of the heroic Kumaon Regiment. Arranged at a tallness of 1,829 meters, with a zone of 21.76 sq. km Ranikhet has an excessive amount to present to the guests – a solid atmosphere, tall coniferous trees, huge green glades, quiet environmental factors, amazing harmony and warm, kind individuals. Each season has its own overwhelming appeal. This is the thing that makes Ranikhet a the entire season objective. Ranikhet likewise gloats of a standout amongst other slope golf greens (9 holes) in the nation.

Mana Last Indian Village

Mana The Last Village of India
  • Best Season: May - September
  • No Entry Fee
  • Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics

Settled in the Himalayas, situated in the area of Chamoli in Uttarakhand, Mana is the last Indian town from the boundary of India and Tibet/China. Situated close to the strict site of Badrinath, on the banks of River Saraswati, Mana town is arranged at a tallness of around 3219 meters. Individuals frequently get befuddled between Mana in Uttarakhand and Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh, with regards to which one of these holds the title of being 'the last Indian town'? So we should initially get things out… Chitkul is essentially the keep going possessed town situated on the Indo-Tibet/China line, however Mana in Uttarakhand is formally perceived as the 'last town of India'. With many journeying and climbing detects, a cascade, the mysterious River Saraswati, antiquated sanctuaries and, flawlessly cut and embellished little cabins of the townspeople among numerous different things decorating Mana town or Mana Gaon (as conversationally known), no big surprise the Uttarakhand government has assigned it as a 'Travel industry Village'. Mana is likewise acclaimed for its woolen articles of clothing and materials comprised of sheep fleece, similar to, wraps, covers, suppressor, ashan, pankhi (which is a slim cover), cover, and so on Besides, here, you'll notice the businesspeople in the area selling their items, utilizing the title 'Last Village' like 'India's Last Tea and Coffee Corner', which is very intriguing and entertaining simultaneously. A year ago, the town was likewise granted the 'best perfect, notable traveler objective' under the Swachh Bharat Mission (Rural) at the Swachh Mahotsav 2019, held in New Delhi a year ago.

Chopta - The Mini Switzerland

Chopta Trekking to Tungnath
  • The months of April - September would be the best time to visit Chopta. If a winter trekking was on your mind then February and March will serve well. For camping and trekking, May and June will be best.
  • No Entry Fee
  • Camping, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Tungnath
  • Chandrashila Trek
  • Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev
  • Sari Village
  • Deoria Tal
  • Ukhimath
  • Kalimath
  • Dugalbitta
  • Bisurital
  • Baniyakund
  • Kanchula Kharak Musk Deer Sanctuary
  • Rohini Bugyal

Chopta is otherwise called "Smaller than expected Switzerland", and is getting well known a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Chopta Hill Station is situated at a height of 2700 mts, in the Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand State. Chopta is encircled by thick woodland, and offers superb perspective on Snow Clad Himalayan Ranges and lavish green knolls. It is additionally the beginning stage of the trip to renowned Tungnath Mandir (Panch Kedar Temple) and Chandrashila Summit . The Chopta district is wealthy in differed vegetation, with a lot of Rhododendron and Deodar trees for what it's worth.

Uttarkashi - Garhwal’s Holy Town

Uttarkashi Uttarakhand
  • Beginning of March to November is the best time to visit Uttarkashi.
  • No Entry Fee
  • Camping, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Viswanath Temple
  • Maneri Dam
  • Dodital Lake
  • Dayara Bugyal
  • Nachiketa Lake
  • Kuteti Devi Temple
  • Har Ki Doon
  • Shakti Temple
  • Gaumukh
  • Gangotri
  • Yamunotri
  • Kedar Tal
  • Jalmanga Shivling
  • Harsil
  • Kandar Devta Mandir
  • Joshiyara

The tunes of profound aartis and the toll of sanctuary chimes reverberation through the encompassing valleys as you move along the traveler town of Uttarkashi, nestling in the midst of the Himalayan lower regions. With various sanctuaries and ashrams thronw about, Uttarkashi is a city inundated in otherworldliness. Arranged on the banks of the waterway Bhagirathi, this bumpy home of divine beings is named after the old sacred city Kashi. It is here that the sacred sage Jada Bharata is said to have directed his compensations. Arranged in the Garhwal locale of Uttarakhand, the Kashi of North successes you over with its beautiful and quiet environs.

Dobra Chanti Bridge - Revitalizing Walk

Dobra Chanti Bridge
  • Best Season: March - May
  • No Entry Fee
  • Nature Lover, Photo Fanatics, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Tehri Dam

You can now drive over Tehri lake on India’s longest suspension bridge. Rawat introduced the 725-meter long Dobra-Chanti engineered overpass within the sight of bureau pastors Subodh Uniyal, Dhan Singh Rawat and different authorities. The scaffold, opened for the general population from Sunday, has been inherent 14 years over the Tehri lake with an expense of ₹2.95 crore.

New Tehri - Stunning Lake

New Tehri Jheel Garhwal
  • Best Season: March - May
  • No Entry Fee
  • Boating, Nature Lover, Trekking, Photo Fanatics, Wanderers
Nearby Places:
  • Tehri Dam

Tehri dam is prestigious as the biggest and most elevated dam in Asia and is considered as the tenth tallest dam on the planet saddling water from Bhilangana and Bhagirathi, the two basic waterways in the Himalayas. The dam is found 13 km away from New Tehri and produces in excess of 1000 MW of power. It is additionally a vacation destination as the dam repository is an absolute necessity visit for drifting undertakings.

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